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Know Your Target 1px
Know Your Target
by: Paul Van Hoy
Do you really know what brides want and expect from their wedding photographer?
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Fine Art 1px
Fine Art
by: Otto Schulze
Wedding Photography
I was first introduced to the concept of fine art wedding photography in 2005 when...
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How to Become a 1px
How to Become a
by: Nicole Jewell
Professional Photographer
Read these tips on how to become a professional photographer
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Planning Your Boudoir Photo 1px
Planning Your Boudoir Photo
by: Jessica Vallecorsa
Great tips for preparing for your boudoir photo shoot.
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Planning the Perfect 1px
Planning the Perfect
by: Stacy Pisani
Tips from a wedding planner on planning the perfect wedding...
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The Art of Wedding 1px
The Art of Wedding
by: Phoebe Landa
Wedding photography is much more than having a nice camera and taking pictures. Learn more about what it really takes...
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Too Many Wedding Photographers? 1px
Too Many Wedding Photographers?
by: Jesse Chatham
SEO Tips for Photographers
If you are new to the wedding photography or a seasoned pro...
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Should Videography Be Incorporated 1px
Should Videography Be Incorporated
by: Gino Siller
Into A Wedding Photographer's Repertoire?
Every couple wants all aspects of their special day to be forever immortalized. For this reason, the wedding photographer is a vital member of the wedding...
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Social Networking and 1px
Social Networking and
by: Chris Humphreys
Small Businesses
Uttering the phrase "social media" usually makes folks in my grandparent's generation scramble for cover...
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The Role of 1px
The Role of
by: Erin Hornstein
Wedding Flowers
One of my favorite quotes is "the earth laughs in flowers," written by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Flowers are indeed a gift...
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Selecting the Perfect 1px
Selecting the Perfect
by: Ryan Estes
Wedding Photographer
You've wooed, flirted, and asked (or answered) "the question." You've chosen a date, picked a location, and chosen a band.
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Economy 1px
by: Michael Escalera
of Motion
There is a saying that goes something like this, "Those who fail to plan...plan to fail". Those words of wisdom are so true for many aspects of our personal and business life...
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Why Wedding Planners 1px
Why Wedding Planners
by: Heather Dwight
Are Important
Whether you are planning a wedding for 50 or 500, creating a wedding that your guests remember is a gift that honors all who attend. So where do you begin?
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Stocking the Pond 1px
Stocking the Pond
by: Julie Harris
A Photographer's Sabbatical
Julie Harris finds her artistic soul again on sabbatical in Paris.
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Battle 1px
by: Millie Holloman
the Burnout
It's that time of year. You've shot weddings all season long, you're knee-deep in edits, and you're exhausted. After all you've been through...
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The 15-minute abs of 1px
The 15-minute abs of
by: Paul D. Van Hoy II
Wedding Album Design
Workflow is a topic that I've developed an aversion to along with religion and politics. If you're anything like me, you've already found your groove...
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Earn More 1px
Earn More
by: Kari Kochar
(even in a difficult economy)
Looking around, we see signs of a soft economy- high gas and food prices and a rocky real estate market. In wedding and portrait photography...
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How to Create 1px
How to Create
by: Millie Holloman
Fun Family Portraits
For lots of people, the words "fun", "family", and "portraits" don't mix well. Nothing's worse than a static image of a family with matching outfits staring straight ahead...
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The Other Kind 1px
The Other Kind
by: Punam Bean
of Investment
I have been married for longer than I have been a photographer. When I married my husband, the most important thing to me...
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Mind Your Business 1px
Mind Your Business
by: Parris Whittingham
Developing Your Strategy
Success is not a coincidence. In a recent interview with reporters, Steve Jobs was asked how he feels Wall Street will react...
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photographik interviews: 1px
photographik interviews:
by: photographik
Erik Clausen (aka Poser)
Meet a self-proclaimed poser...
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Engage 1px
by: Alexis Achten
Engagement Photography
I find that many of the couples that I meet with for their wedding photography are not particularly excited about having an engagement photo session...
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Wedding photojournalism, 1px
Wedding photojournalism,
by: David Pullum
What is it?
The wedding photography market is a tough place to do business. Here in the UK, as I guess in other countries as well, the amount of new wedding photographers is...
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Keeping a 1px
Keeping a
by: Chris & Katie Humphreys
Watchful Eye
As photographers and artists, it's easy to let aspects of the so-called "business side" of our business fall outside of our awareness simply because we often don't...
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Tips On Getting 1px
Tips On Getting
by: Kari Kochar
Great Wedding Photos
The most important thing you can do is to relax, let go, and have fun on your wedding day. This will translate into beautiful photos...
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by: Rhonda Parks Manville
Katrinka's Secret: A Secret No More
It all makes sense now, looking back. Christina Mallet had a successful business shooting the round, elegant bellies of pregnant women when a woman with strong, flat abs...
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Pregnant Pause 1px
Pregnant Pause
by: Erin M. Blakemore for photographik
Maternity Photography
It's official - America is obsessed with pregnancy. A mini baby boom is underway, and it shows - from the covers of the tabloids speculating about the latest celeb "baby bump"...
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The Birth of a Blog 1px
The Birth of a Blog
by: Jasmine Star
The Journey of Jasmine Star's
When I first began my journey with my dreams, hopes and fears tucked away in a new Tenba backpack; I thought it best to document my experiences.
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Senior Portraiture: 1px
Senior Portraiture:
by: Jared Wilson
Who are YOU?
Senior portraits today are about identity: who are YOU? And it no longer means just sitting on a big Zero and a big Nine and announcing "Hey World! Iím a Senior!"
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Dear Brides: 1px
Dear Brides:
by: Scarlett Lillian
Love Your Photographer
Itís the day you have been waiting your whole life for. Itís your day to indulge in everything youíve ever wanted and look your most beautiful. Itís all about you. We get it.
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Have Camera, Will Travel 1px
Have Camera, Will Travel
by: Erin M. Blakemore
Destination Wedding Photography on the Rise
With recent statistics showing that couples are four times more likely to choose a destination wedding, "have camera" increasingly means "will travel" for wedding photographers.
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