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  Winter Wedding at Cranwell Resort - 10/08/14 04:10 PM
 A New Year's Eve Winter Wedding at Cranwell Kath and Joe threw an amazing party at Cranwell for New Years...
- Eric Limon
  Tupper Manor Weddings - 10/02/14 10:23 AM
 A Winter Wedding at Tupper Manor Ryan and Erika had a beautiful, indoor wedding this past winter on a...
- Eric Limon
  A Berkshire Wedding at Gedney Farm - 09/30/14 09:30 AM
 A Berkshire Wedding at Gedney Farm Kristen & Ron had an amazing wedding weekend here in the Berkshires a...
- Eric Limon
  Berkshire Wedding Photography - 09/06/14 10:13 AM
 This is a repost from The Age of Elegance: the Weddings at The Mount Original post is by The Special...
- Eric Limon
  Scott & Erin's BAC Wedding - 08/09/14 10:06 PM
Here are a few images from Scott & Erin's BAC wedding, you veiw the full blog post...
- Kristopher Gerner
  Samantha : Sweet Sixteen - Quinceanera Photography - 08/07/14 02:50 PM
Miami Sweet Sixteen - Quinceanera Photography....
- Michael Araica
  CHESTERWOOD WEDDINGS - 07/23/14 01:11 PM
CHESTERWOOD WEDDINGS  Robby and Rebecca had an awesome wedding at Chesterwood here in the Berkshires last...
- Eric Limon
  Engagement Sessions - 07/23/14 12:22 PM
Engagement session season is in full swing. An engagement session is a fun way to meet your photographer (me!!)...
- Eric Limon
  April & Tony a wedding at Airlie Gardens - 07/01/14 09:24 PM
Here are a few of my favorite photos from a recent Airlie Gardens wedding.  You also check it out...
- Kristopher Gerner
  The Interlaken Inn - Connecticut Wedding Photography - 07/01/14 07:27 AM
The Interlaken Inn is a country resort and hotel that offers exceptional weddings and corporate meeting...
- Eric Limon

blurbits 101

Burbits are mini blogs that our member photographers use to share their latest photo shoot, special event or thoughts with the photographik community and the Internet in general. Think of them sort of like a photo-centric Twitter. They can be extensive or short and to the point. They are also an excellent way to market your studio for micro niche searches on Google as well as build inbound links to your website. Members have booked weddings just by posting Blurbits.

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Julie Harris Photography
Julie is available to photograph weddings in Hawaii and beyond.
Starting at: $4750
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 720-938-7775
Chris Lang Photography - Wilmington NC Photographers
A Signature Lifestyle approach to image-making.  Chris Lang Photography is based out of Wilmington NC., also known as the Cape Fear Region. Chris is a creative professional with a signature style.  Chris utilizes several styles in his photography.  His unique creative lifestyle...
Starting at: $2900
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 910 200-6494
Zvi Jalfin Photography
Full service photographer Zvi Jalfin, specializes in wedding photography and combines the art of classic portraiture with an exciting contemporary style. Boston Area Massachusetts photographer, Zvi Jalfin photographs weddings throughout New England
Starting at: $1800
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 781-449-7249
Colorado Boudoir Photographer
Remarkable fine art boudoir and nude photography.
Starting at: $350
Will Work:
Tele: 720-938-7775
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