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  Rock It - Seniors - Sweet Sixteen - Quinceanera Photography - 04/10/14 07:38 PM
Rock It - Seniors - Sweet Sixteen - Quinceanera Photography rocking your style. Glamor, beauty style...
- Michael Araica
  Airlie Gardens | Awesome Outdoor Wedding Venues | Wilmington Wedding Photographer - 02/19/14 02:53 PM
Airlie Gardens is one of my favorite places to photograph an outside or garden wedding in the Wilmingon NC...
- Chris Lang
  Jesse Quinceanera Photography Miami - 02/01/14 07:37 PM
Quinceanera - sweet sixteen photography-miami. Capturing the glamorous side of you. Quinceanera photography,...
- Michael Araica
  Quinceanera - Sweet Sixteen photography | Vanessa Photos - 01/27/14 12:55 PM
Quinceanera photography, quinceanera photographers capturing timeless images for you to cherish. High fashion...
- Michael Araica
  Nicole and Tim | Key West florida wedding photographers - 12/18/13 12:56 PM
Wedding Photography in Key West, florida. Capturing glamour style high end photography to cherish for a...
- Michael Araica
  Miami Model Photographers- Pixelfocus - 11/29/13 01:17 AM
Miami model photographers, capturing you at your best.
- Michael Araica
  Alex Quinceanera - Sweet Sixteen photography Miami |Pixelfocus Photo - 11/05/13 09:27 PM
Quinceanera - Sweet Sixteen photography miami | Pixelfocus Photo. Quinceanera, wedding and portrait photography....
- Michael Araica
  Briana Quinceanera - Sweet Sixteen Photo Session - 10/14/13 04:46 PM
Briana Photo session in Vizcaya Miami. Pixelfocus quinceanera - sweet sixteen and wedding photographers in...
- Michael Araica
  Los Angeles Photographer Creates New Websites - 08/05/13 09:43 AM
Most people don't know that we have created a new portrait photography website and a new boudoir photography...
- Linnea Lenkus
  The Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding Photography by Kevin Le Vu Photographer - 07/25/13 06:07 PM
 View more from John and Alana's Wedding at Kevin Le Vu Photography Blog
- Kevin Le Vu

blurbits 101

Burbits are mini blogs that our member photographers use to share their latest photo shoot, special event or thoughts with the photographik community and the Internet in general. Think of them sort of like a photo-centric Twitter. They can be extensive or short and to the point. They are also an excellent way to market your studio for micro niche searches on Google as well as build inbound links to your website. Members have booked weddings just by posting Blurbits.

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{ your story photoart }
stunningly candid and real imagery of the most important day of your life. period. our goal is to give you less time in front of the camera and more time with your family and friends. if you're looking for unique images that creatively documents the most important day of your life then let us...
Starting at: $3495
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 314 603 7814
Julie Harris Photography
Julie is available to photograph weddings in Hawaii and beyond.
Starting at: $4750
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 720-938-7775
Hot Mama Boudoir
Creative geek, loves to travel the world and take fantastic photographs. Seeks fun and happy couple that wants to go beyond the norm.  Enjoys laughter, inner beauty, and spontaneous joy.  Candid moments, a touch of editorial style, all mixed into one fabulous day. Perfect match? Lets...
Starting at: $3000
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 281.795.7543
Dubnoff Photography - Family Portraits, High School Seniors and more!
We specialize in Family Portraits, High School Seniors and Commercial Portrait Photography.  When photographing your family or high school senior, our primary focus is capturing images in natural settings with beautiful light.  We have gorgeous outdoor settings that we use for...
Starting at: $100.00
Will Work: Nationally
Tele: (925) 686-4960
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