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  New Work - 08/07/08 06:47 PM
 Greetings. Welcome to my blog. I will be sharing with you some of my experiences and images as an educator,...
- David Medina
  Check out my newly updated blog! - 07/30/08 08:15 PM Please leave a comment:)
- Tim Ray
  Engagement Session in Spain - 07/28/08 05:01 AM
Hi folks, here it goes several photographs taken in an engagement session this weekend in Madrid, Spain. Hope you...
- Daniel Colleman
  busy busy - 07/23/08 05:56 AM
This is the time of year when wedding photographers feel the full brunt of being in the middle of heavy working...
- Rachel Hadiashar
  Stanley Park in Westfield MA - 07/18/08 06:39 AM
Hey Photographikers! Here are some shots from Austin & Sarah Jane's wedding last weekend in this amazing park...
- Eric Limon
  My First Blurbit! - 07/18/08 12:27 AM
Well I have been a photographik member since January and have finally taken the chance to fully navigate the site. I...
- Adam Houseman
  Maternity Portrait - 07/11/08 10:27 AM
Just wanted to remind everyone that my regular blog posts will be on my other blog...
- Jill Hardin
  Contortionist's, Accordian and a Bright Red Dress - 07/09/08 12:32 PM
What do contortionists, a full-body sequin suit, accordians, salsa bands, yamakas, and a bright red dress have in...
- Douglas Despres
  destination wedding in Santorini - 07/07/08 08:44 AM
Santorini was just amazing and I cannot wait to go back. What a place to have a  wedding, being a destination...
- Ian Johnson
  5th of July - 07/06/08 05:25 PM
Hi All! Shot a wedding on the 5th of July and it rained ALOT! I got totally soaked through. And took a ride in a...
- Eric Limon

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Burbits are mini blogs that our member photographers use to share their latest photo shoot, special event or thoughts with the photographik community and the Internet in general. Think of them sort of like a photo-centric Twitter. They can be extensive or short and to the point. They are also an excellent way to market your studio for micro niche searches on Google as well as build inbound links to your website. Members have booked weddings just by posting Blurbits.

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A Beautiful Day Photography
Seattle Wedding Photographers     Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Daniel Sheehan of A Beautiful Day Photography invites you to explore his website of  award winning wedding photography and photography blog of A Beautiful Day Photography. I have...
Starting at: $3,000.00
Will Work: The Planet
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Christine Tremoulet
Creative geek, loves to travel the world and take fantastic photographs. Seeks fun and happy couple that wants to go beyond the norm.  Enjoys laughter, inner beauty, and spontaneous joy.  Candid moments, a touch of editorial style, all mixed into one fabulous day. Perfect match? Lets...
Starting at: $3000
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 281.795.7543
Julie Harris Photography
I love what I do. :-)
Starting at: $4750
Will Work: The Planet
Tele: 720-938-7775
Colorado Boudoir Photographer
Remarkable fine art boudoir and nude photography.
Starting at: $350
Will Work:
Tele: 720-938-7775
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