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Name: Jill Hardin
Studio: Jill Hardin Photography
Locale: St. Louis, MO
Will Work: The Planet
Starting at: $200
Format: Digital
Tele: 310-902-8005

New Website Up! - 04/08/08 01:22 PM
My new website went live today!  I had gotten a little bored of my old site, and when they wanted almost $500 to renew for a year, I decided to switch.  My new site is with Bludomain, and I love it!  I still need to complete a few more galleries, but for the most part, it's done.  I really love the galleries and proofing galleries, because you can make your images pretty big!  Feel free to check it out, and here's a pic I just took of my baby Grayce with Dad, she's now six months old!  I know I keep promising, but someday I WILL put up pics of my regular sessions!

Posted by: Jill Hardin - St. Louis, MO
TIME POSTED: 04/08/08 01:22 PM [Central Time]
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Hey Jill, what a a touching website. I love the opening shot :) The volume on the music was a bit loud...but I love that song. Is it just me or did Kermit the Frog sing "the rainbow song"? Peace, Parris Whittingham New York City Wedding Photographer">

Posted by:
New York Wedding Photographer
TIME POSTED: 04/09/08 09:36 PM [Central Time]

Jill! You cant go wrong with a blu domain site! I love them! :) Congrats on the site and I think everything looks great! :)

Posted by: Melissa Pepin
TIME POSTED: 04/09/08 12:36 PM [Central Time]

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